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Koh Samui Tour (4 hours) Itinerary: 1300- Hotel Pick-up 1330- Depart from Fisherman's Village Pier 1400- Swimming/Snorkeling at Choengmon 1530- Swimming/Snorkeling at Bantai/Bangpo Beach 1700- Arrive at Fisherman's Village Pier 1730- Hotel Drop-off Standard Inclusions: Hotel Transfers, Snacks, Water, Soft Drinks, Snorkeling Gear, Insurance, English Speaking Guides, Captain and Crew. Capacity: 2-30 Persons Price: Depends on the Boat Type Remarks: Itinerary may change or trip may cancel due to weather and boat conditions.
Activities on Koh Samui There are a ton of things to do for both regular vacationers as well as those on one day swing-throughs. The activities on Koh Samui tour include water sports as well as cave explorations and cliff hiking. There is also the ability to just chill on the beach and soak in a tan that would be the envy of the office on Monday morning. Most one day visits are just to party at the one of many clubs on the night of arrival, sunbath and enjoy the sun and beach the next morning then grab the red-eye flight out of there to be home with enough time to get ready for work on Monday morning. It is even possible to get a boat trip from Koh Samui organized on the night you arrive so that you can party and then take the boat out on the water and spend it under a starry sky. The combinations are endless. Snorkeling On One Day Trips Snorkeling is a great alternative to scuba diving on a one day trip. You cant dive and fly in a 24 hour period. So the best option is to stay on the surface of the water and snorkel as you watch a virtual vertical aquarium teeming with life below you as the sun gently warms your back and the waves rock you as a baby is rocked on a bassinet. Whether its a boat trip on Samui, or a one day trip from the island to the middle of the gulf or just a one day hop into Samui and out the next day, the effect is undeniable. There is a lot one can do on a one day trip in Samui, especially if you are single. It is a party atmosphere here on Saturday nights - that will get the blues that accumulated, during the week, away. The sun and the surf the next day along with a lobster brunch and a seafood barbecue will hit the spot. It is one of the best mini vacations one can imagine. Imagine how your weeks pass if you do one of these every month.