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Koh Tao Tour (8 hours) Itinerary: 0830- Hotel Pick-up 0900- Depart from Fisherman's Village Pier 0930- Light Breakfast on board 1100- Swimming/Snorkeling at Koh Nangyuan 1300- Lunch 1400- Visit Koh Tao Town 1500- Swimming/Snorkeling at Light House Bay 1700- Arrive at Fisherman's Village Pier 1730- Hotel Drop-off Standard Inclusions: Hotel Transfers, Lunch, Snacks, Water, Soft Drinks, Snorkeling Gear, Entrance Fees, Insurance, English Speaking Guides Capacity: 2-25 Persons Price: Depends on the Boat Type Remarks: Itinerary may change or trip may cancel due to weather and boat conditions.
The Land Of Infinite Pleasure Imagine a place in heaven where the ocean is clear and its sea life welcome you by the thousands, to their habitat thats shielded from the intensity of a tropical sun. Imagine the seasons of the year where every month is the best time to be amongst islands and sand that celebrate your arrival with ocean sprays and thundering waves; and when its time to leave, they stay faithfully with you in a memory that never fades. This is Thailands Koh Tao Island. Koh Tao Island is tucked away amongst a chain of islands on the western edge of the gulf of Thailand just adjacent to the peninsula. It is an ideal location form a perspective of geography that imbues this area with fresh ocean water and a marine life that is diverse, abundant and rich. This gives opportunity for spectacular scuba diving experiences. Even for the novice, or the beginner as well, the feel of strapping on a pair of tanks and immersing into crystal water surrounded with brightly colored creatures moving in schools is an experience of unparalleled value. Thai Islands In navigating around the islands of the gulf, its good to understand that there are many opportunities to experience snorkeling. Its not just close to the coast line, its also available in deep water. The water table in the gulf can dip in certain areas at a rapid gradient like an underwater cliff. These natural features provide ocean conditions and spectacular underwater formations that will only grace the mind of a diver. Koh Tao snorkeling is the height of any visit to Thailand and after spending the day underwater dancing with the fishes, its time to spend the evenings and nights on land dancing with the angels. The party scene on these islands is every bit as much what you will find on the mainland. They are just as explosive and every bit as exciting. Koh Nang Yuan A tiny piece of land called Koh Nangyuan is a “satellite” island of Koh Tao. Koh Nang Yuan island can be reached only by boat and is so small that it can be easily explored on foot. This is a perfect spot to “get away from it all” and it is worth visiting for at least one day. Koh Nangyuan is a unique place because it actually consists of three islands, which are connected with each other by three radial sand strips. If you look at Koh Nang Yuan from above, it will resemble a tree with three green branches. The three islands of Koh Nangyuan are covered with rich vegetation and have cliffy shores surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise waters full of amazing sea creatures! Koh Nang Yuan island can boast one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and maybe even on Earth! So if you stay overnight in a bungalow, you will enjoy a colorful sunset and walk along these extensive sand strips. By the way, there is a view point in the middle of the island from which you can make perfect photos. Koh Nang Yuan is Thailands best diving and snorkeling site. The islands rich underwater flora and fauna attract both the beginner and experienced fans of diving and snorkeling. However, it should be said that this place is ideal for beginners, especially for kids, as even at shallow depths you will see lots of colorful fish: parrot fish, dragon fish, butterfly fish and more! You can come here on your own with your own equipment, but the best option is to order an awesome all-inclusive snorkeling boat tour to Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao. You will be offered breakfast, lunch and free snorkeling equipment. Our comfortable boats with English- speaking guides will take you to Mango Bay and Japanese Garden, the most beautiful diving and snorkeling spots of Koh Nangyuan. Here you will clearly see the sea bed with real coral “gardens” and meet such exotic underwater creatures as angelfish, pipefish, Harlequin sweetlips etc, all of them at arm's length! Isnt it a true miracle? Thailands Koh Nang Yuan is waithing for you! Visit this unique place, order a snorkeling tour and get the best underwater experience ever!